Mulberry House Living Room Reveal

The living room at the Mulberry House is just a big ol' rectangular room with one built-in shelving unit in the corner. It pretty much just needed some drywall repair, a ton of cleaning, caulking, painting, and a few replacement fixtures. But here's how it turned out, along with sources.

A New Downtown Luxury Roof

After initial inspections and structural examination of the Downtown Luxury Slum when we bought it, the conclusion was that we didn't need to do any work on the roof. But we were suspicious so we did allocate a fair bit of extra contingency money in case the roof needed work. And that money all got used replacing the back half of our roof, which is a flat rubber roof. After one hurricane season, it became clear that the front roof was not in perfect condition either. But it took us until now to finally bite the bullet and get the historic metal roof replaced.

The Safe is Gone!

It took nearly 4 hours of work and 2 months of preparation (aka persistently pestering the previous owner/seller) but the 1319 gun safe is finally out of the Mulberry House.

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