Revisiting Potential Project Properties

A while back, I shared a few potential future luxury slum projects, and feeling uninspired today made me want to revisit them.

In this post, I considered Tanglewood and The Church and in this post, I considered The Raleigh Lustron House and The Wine Country House. Let’s take a look at what has come of these properties.


Tanglewood is 3,500 square foot farmhouse built in 1835, sit ting on 3.5 acres with a collection of outbuildings, and located 30 minutes from Raleigh.

Tanglewood was listed for $159,000 but sold for $85,000 in March 2020. I do not know what, if anything, has been done to it since it was sold.

The Church

The Church is is 5000 square foot church built in 1930 and located in Hickory, North Carolina.

Mt Zion Baptist Church

As far as I can tell, the church is no longer for sale and appears to be in continued use by the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, but I’m not entirely confident in that.

The Raleigh Lustron House

This is a 1020 square foot house on a 0.09 acre lot and was manufactured in 1949. It was moved from its original site to just a few blocks from the Downtown Luxury Slum.

It features prefabricated enameled metal-panel walls and roof, aluminum tripartite casement windows, built-in pass-through metal China cabinet, bedroom vanity, and trellis downspout porch post. Assembly required. All 3300 pieces are numbered and there is an instruction manual to follow.

Raleigh Lustron House, assembly required

The Raleigh Lustron House is still for sale which means I keep thinking about it as an potential next project. The price and location are certainly right.

The Wine Country House

Next on our list of potential luxury slums was the Wine Country House.


The Wine Country House is a 3,234 square foot Victorian house built in the early 19th century on approximately 1 acre of land in Duplin County, the heart of North Carolina’s wine industry.

This property was actually called the Barnett Carr House and I can’t for the life of me figure out if it ever sold or even still exists.

If anyone else happens to know what has come of some of these properties, please share!

And maybe I’ll share a few other potential projects next week.



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  1. That wine country house would have been beautiful in its day. A great house for a bed & breakfast.

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