Mulberry House Main Bedroom Reveal

Mulberry House Main Bedroom


I promised you some Mulberry House updates without realizing that it’s the end of the year and nobody actually works these last couple of weeks (even if they go to work and get paid, unless they’re service / hospitality people). So in order to keep my promise while being as lazy as possible, I’m going to share the bedroom updates even though that was the very last room I started on and finished!

So here are some before pictures to refresh your memory:

Pre-renovation bedroom

It’s quite a pretty blue color, really. But I was envisioning something a little more boring.

Pre-renovation bedroom

Getting rid of that chair and curtains made the house smell a million times better.

Pre-renovation bedroom ceiling

Don’t you just love the rolling ceiling painted in several shades of white (and yes, half of that door frame is a different colour).

And here are the after pictures. Basically all I did in the bedroom was clean, prep to paint, and paint. Which is not nothing. I’m currently being treated for trigger finger, presumably because of the amount of caulk I went through in this room alone.

Bedroom after renovation

The coloring in this first picture is actually pretty true to life. The next one not so much because I took these pictures at the worst possible time of day, so use your imagination and envision all of the walls, trim, and ceiling being covered with different sheens of Behr’s Ultra Pure White paint.

Bedroom after renovation

I had wanted to do something interesting with the ceiling to hide some of the bulges and seams, but that was something that didn’t fit into the timeline. Maybe I’ll add some planks to the ceiling whenever phase two happens.

Bedroom ceiling after renovation

I’m going to be honest, the paint made a huge difference, especially on the ceiling, which still looks a little iffy, but somehow so much better.

Oh, and I added a new light fixture. Isn’t it cute? Andrew picked it out because he thinks it looks like a donut.

So that’s it. If you feel so incredibly inspired by my brave paint choices, here are all the details and sources:

Walls: Behr Ultra Interior Eggshell Enamel in Ultra Pure White

Ceiling: Behr Premium Plus Ceiling Flat Paint in Ultra Pure White

Doors and trim: Behr Premium Semi Gloss Interior Cabinet and Trim Enamel in Ultra Pure White

Light fixture: IKEA RISBYN

If you have a few days off, enjoy them and I’ll see you soon!


3 responses to “Mulberry House Main Bedroom Reveal”

  1. Using the different sheens looks great. Planks on the ceiling should look good too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks GREAT!! I hear there are renters lined up? Such a success.


    1. Renters moved in 5 minutes after I finished cleaning 🙂


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