Electrical Updates for the Mulberry House

Old electrical parts

We’re making progress bit by bit on the Mulberry House renovations. After the safe was moved, I was able to finalize a kitchen layout, and then this week I had some electricians come to wire new dedicated range and fridge circuits as well as some other electrical work around the house.

Beige light switch and face plate
Two-pronged receptacle with brass face plate

We replaced all of the electrical devices to be white, and all of the receptacles to support three pronged electronics. This obviously makes everything prettier and more functional.

New three-pronged white receptacle

Isn’t that prettier? Even without a face plate?

We also updated our breakers to be GFCI, rather than installing individual GFCI outlets. From what the electricians told me, the parts for this are more expensive, but the savings and labor costs more than make up for it. This update was very necessary for safety purposes because most of the electrical devices in the Mulberry House were not grounded and only the ones in the bathroom were GFCI protected.

Weird receptacle

I also had them remove any random devices that would no longer be in use such as this one that we think used to power some sort of fan or window air conditioning unit.

As I mentioned, they added a dedicated circuit for the range (the middle box above). That was quite simple as they were able to just drill a hole down through the floor into the crawlspace, run the wires, and install the device. They also added a new circuit for the fridge plus an additional outlet for countertop appliances between the fridge and stove. These were both placed in the wall just above countertop level. This proved to be more of a challenge and probably took a couple hours largely because that wall is a plaster and lathe wall with a brick chimney right behind it, and seemingly no clear spaces to run wires so the electricians just kept getting stuck. But they eventually got the job done.

Now I just need to figure out what I need to do to get a plumber to come out. It seems that no one can recommend a plumber they like, and none of the plumbers I’ve randomly contacted have returned my calls.


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