2021 Luxury Living Goals – How Did I Do?


At the start of last year, I shared my house and real estate related goals with you so I thought now would be a good time to see what I was able to accomplish. And then maybe I can think about setting some new goals.

1. Sell my condo

I was successful in this goal. I put my condo on the market at the end of January and then it sat there for months without any offers. Finally in June, I got three low-ball offers in a row and one of them was actually willing to negotiate. It sold for a little less than I would have liked, but I still got a decent return and freed up some cash to help with my next goal.

2. Buy another shit heap

More specifically, my goal was to buy and fix up at least one more shit heap and have it rented out or ready to sell by the end of the year. That did not happen. We made several trips to Wilmington, NC, put in a few offers, and finally got an offer accepted in November. So we did buy a shit heap in December, but have only scratched the surface on starting to fix it up. My new goal is to have it ready to list as a short-term rental starting in March.

3. Get a shed and front walk built at the Downtown Luxury Slum

Yes and yes.

4. Build me an office

Much like selling my condo allowed us to buy another shit heap, getting a shed allowed me to build an office. I’d still like to paint or hang some wallpaper to make it a little cozier in there, but I’m not in any sort of rush.

Did you have a productive year?


One response to “2021 Luxury Living Goals – How Did I Do?”

  1. You accomplished a lot in these uncertain times!


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