Fancy Condo Tour

Luxury condo for sale

As I mentioned last week, my first goal for the new year is to sell my condo.

But I figured that before I did that, I should give you a quick tour since I’ve never done that.

So once you get to the tallest building in Raleigh, you’ve got to use your fob to get in. Then you walk through the lobby and hit the up button on the elevator. Scan your fob again and select your destination floor. Get off the elevator, walk down the hallway, insert your key to open the door, and walk in.

View From the Door

Don’t worry, you’ll adjust to the light. Just be thankful it’s an overcast day. To the left you can see a door. That leads to the laundry room, and there’s actually another door to your left that you’d be able to see if you could see through your ears. The door you can’t see contains the water heater, HVAC air intake, and other random mechanical things that you don’t care about. So let’s just go through the door to our right.

Second Bathroom

This is the second bathroom. It’s just a single vanity with tons of storage, a toilet, and a shower.

Second Bathroom

The door we came through is still behind is so let’s go through that door to the left.

Second Bedroom

Oh look, it’s a big ol’ empty second bedroom. You’d think we we’d be in the doorway we just walked through, but we’ve actually teleported to the door that leads back out to the main living space. The door straight ahead is the closet, and to the right of that on the same wall, is the door we just came through from the bathroom.

Second Bedroom Closet

I knew you’d want to get a better look of the second bedroom closet. Now let’s head back out to the main living space.

View From the Door

See, I told you that you’d get used to the light. This is the kitchen. Very cherry cabinets to match the very cherry hardwood floors. The trendy people tell me that dark stone countertops with medium wood toned cabinets are in for 2021. Is cherry a medium wood tone? That’s got to be at least a 16% increase in sales price, right?

View from the window

Here’s the kitchen from another angle. As you can see, it has stainless steel appliances. Which I’m pretty sure means at least a 4% increase in sales price. And all the appliances convey. That’s right. If you buy my condo, you get not just a dishwasher, range, and microwave, but also a fridge and washer and dryer!

View from the window

And finally here we are looking back at the front door. Immediately to our left is the door to the main bedroom.

Main Bedroom

And here we are standing in the doorway, looking into the main bedroom. The open door we see leads to the main bathroom.

Main Bedroom

Here’s the main bedroom from the doorway of the main bathroom. Yes there is a sliding door in that wall of windows that leads to the balcony, and another sliding door between the balcony and the main living area.

But let’s actually go check out the bathroom.

Main Bathroom

Yup, so fancy! It’s got two sinks for extra fun cleaning! Straight ahead on the left is the shower. The toilet is conveniently located to the right of the toilet paper dispenser. And you can’t see the toilet from the doorway so you can continue to deny its existence for a little longer, which is basically the number one goal in bathroom design. On the other side of the toilet is the tub.

Main Bathroom

See! There’s a toilet and you never would have known without going all the way in!

Main Bathroom

And here’s yet another angle because a four-piece bathroom deserves four pictures.

Bedroom Closet

The main bedroom closet is accessed from within the bathroom as well. All of the high speed internet and DirecTV boxes and cables are stored in here because why not.

But let’s finish up with some pictures from the balcony, yes?

View from the balcony
View from the balcony
View from the balcony

Straight into the sun that came out since the start of our tour. You’re welcome.

3 responses to “Fancy Condo Tour”

  1. The view from there is spectacular!


  2. Lovely, but it’s missing the food spread that I’m used to seeing at your parties! Hope you get some buyers in a bidding contest! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] was successful in this goal. I put my condo on the market at the end of January and then it sat there for months without any offers. Finally in June, I got […]


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