My Cloffice

Luxury cloffice

After getting the shed built, I was able to move our bikes out of the dining room closet and into the shed.

Bike closet

And then I was able to turn the dining room closet into my office!

Luxury cloffice

It’s super basic. There are actually no electrical outlets in the closet so I ran an extension cord from the nearest outlet in the dining room. So in addition to figuring out what to do the with mess of cables needed to run a computer, I also need to figure out a more long term power solution. There is an outlet on the other side of the closet wall so most likely we will take advantage of that and install an outlet in the closet … eventually.

Luxury cloffice

This closet doesn’t have doors, largely because I could never decide what kind of door I wanted to put on it. And that’s largely because I don’t want the doors to interfere with whatever mural we eventually, hopefully, get painted on the big, empty dining room wall. So for the time being, I’ve just hung a pair of pink curtains so I can “close” the office when I’m not using it. Spritz! thinks the curtains are there for her to practice climbing so we’ll see how long they last.

Luxury cloffice

I hung a couple of plants from the bike hooks that I didn’t bother to take down. The plants hanging quite high because I’m hoping that Spritz! doesn’t see them and decide to try to play with them. As you can see by the number of toys on the cloffice floor, she is quite fond of this space already.


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  1. Looks great!

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  2. […] like selling my condo allowed us to buy another shit heap, getting a shed allowed me to build an office. I’d still like to paint or hang some wallpaper to make it a little cozier in there, but […]


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