Fun Fluff

A quick summary of where I've been for the past couple months, TV and book recommendations, and a 2020 holiday craft idea.

Fun Fluff

Feeling at home at the Mulberry House with a fancy new shower curtain. Fancy appliances, really big kitchen wares, and bad TV.

Fun Fluff 14

We are continuing to modify operations to protect customers, staff, and the community from the spread of COVID-19. We are adding more social distancing requirements for backyard projects. This is in line with other local, national, and international requirements.

Fun Fluff 5

1920s real estate listings, how ikea picks names for their products, best cocktail bars in Raleigh, making friends, podcast and TV recommendations.

Fun Fluff

Decluttering, wanting to buy more clutter, cooking amazing food, having fun with finances (really), and enjoying some good TV.

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