Fun Fluff

Your egg in shining armour

Happy January y’all!

I’m planning to start on Ashley’s Declutter Challenge this weekend. She’s organized a list of 20 task areas to focus on over the course of the month, starting with identifying people and non-profits that will treasure your unwanted trash.

These are soooo cute!

We made this recipe last weekend with ground beef on our gas grill and I gotta say it beats every hamburger I’ve ever had.

I’ve always been intrigued by the stock market so when I saw that Robinhood had a deal where if you sign up, you get a free surprise stock, I couldn’t resist. The stock I got (CPRX) was worth $4.47 but you could luck out and get something worth up to $500 from Apple or Facebook or Ford. I put another $20 into the account to play around with but I haven’t decided what stocks I want to buy yet.

Andrew and I binged the first season of The Morning Show. It’s rare that we find TV shows that we both really enjoy and now we need to find something new to watch until the second season comes out.

Have a great weekend!


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