Fun Fluff

Hello Sun Shine Shower Curtain


I packed a suitcase and moved into the Mulberry House for the next few days. It feels like fancy, air conditioned camping. And I bought this shower curtain since I’m allowed to have cute things. According to my niece, everything at Target is “so cute!”

I love these DIY fake antique appliances.

I found some inspiration for more North Carolina day trips. The oldest big coffee pot in the United States is definitely destination worthy!

And when I’m feeling a little lazier, there’s a new season of Shameless for me to watch on Netflix.

Have a lovely weekend,



One response to “Fun Fluff”

  1. Fun fluff, indeed!

    Wonder if those fake appliances would work for that crazy gun safe you have.

    Though I’ve seen the chest of drawers, I didn’t know NC had all those other hidden gems! The giant coffee pot is calling my name. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

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