Fun Fluff

I've got a great condiment recipe to share (not my recipe), some safe vacation ideas, a good cause, and a rant. Enjoy.

Fun Fluff 18

We are as eager as you are to re-enter society, but we want to exercise as much caution as possible. Our first goal is always to keep American citizens safe at all times, as well as to comply with all state and local regulations.

Fun Fluff 14

We are continuing to modify operations to protect customers, staff, and the community from the spread of COVID-19. We are adding more social distancing requirements for backyard projects. This is in line with other local, national, and international requirements.

Fun Fluff 6

I'm sharing some wallpaper and teacups I adore, the magic of vitamin B12, thoughts on the impacts of tourism in Hawaii (and elsewhere), and my undying love for K&W Cafeteria, and how the awesomeness of IKEA seemingly has no bounds.

Fun Fluff 5

1920s real estate listings, how ikea picks names for their products, best cocktail bars in Raleigh, making friends, podcast and TV recommendations.

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