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Fun fluff two days early. Aren’t you lucky!


It’s a special week because you get Fun Fluff on a Wednesday! Solely because I wasn’t in the mood to write a real blog post / I did a really bad job at taking progress pictures this week. So maybe you’ll get a real post on Friday.

I love these episodes of design trends by the decade (1900s – 1940s and 1950s – present) that the Your Home Story podcast did.

And also! IKEA catalogs from the 1950s until now.

I simply adore this little pink bathroom.


I don’t know if this is a good solution, but I appreciate that the Raleigh Police Department trying to do more than just remove confederate statues, change names of buildings named after racists, and stop using phrases (master bedroom, blacklist, master list, etc.). I think those things are important and long overdue, but also just feel very superficial.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Fun Fluff

I’ve got a great condiment recipe to share (not my recipe), some safe vacation ideas, a good cause, and a rant. Enjoy.


I got a job as a census worker way back when the census was supposed to happen. I thought this would be a good way to mix things up and bring in a little extra income. But just as with many jobs these days, I have no idea what to expect. When is it gonna actually start? What kinds of modifications will they have made for the pandemic? I got a few days notice that I was supposed to go in for two hours of in-person training on Wednesday, but then that got cancelled Tuesday night. And then today I was informed that it was rescheduled for this Saturday, which I can’t make. So now I’m on a reschedule list, waiting to hear back.

But this looks pretty awesome.

And also this recipe is awesome and I’m sharing it because it took us forever to find it again. The trick is that it’s not the featured recipe on this page, it’s the one that’s waaaaaay at the bottom with the picture in the little blue pot.

Leave it to IKEA to solve our vacation woes.

I love that the City of Raleigh set this up.

Have a lovely weekend,


Fun Fluff 18

We are as eager as you are to re-enter society, but we want to exercise as much caution as possible. Our first goal is always to keep American citizens safe at all times, as well as to comply with all state and local regulations.


It’s been a gross, rainy week here and I’m over it, but hopefully the garden is happy.

IKEA has been killing it with their quarantine ads! IKEA Russia put out instructions on how to build six different forts.

I also thought this was cool. It’s an IKEA sponsored project that allows you to design your own little bee apartment, download the plans, and have it constructed at a local workshop. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the local workshop finder part to work for me so I just gave up. I’m pretty sure Andrew would veto the idea of inviting bugs into our yard anyway.

But he seems more open to these awesome mid-century modern birdhouses.

Andrew’s been watching these videos lately. I assume because he got jealous of when he witnessed me break into a hotel safe earlier this year. Hot tip: most hotel safes come with a master code that should be changed but rarely is so you can get in with something along the lines of 1111, 0000, or 9999.

And I’ve been dreaming or road-tripping through multiple national parks because the reviews sound so awesome.

I don’t expect to be painting kitchen cabinets anytime soon, but I’ll definitely save this list of tips for future reference.

Stay safe and sane,


Fun Fluff 14

We are continuing to modify operations to protect customers, staff, and the community from the spread of COVID-19. We are adding more social distancing requirements for backyard projects. This is in line with other local, national, and international requirements.

Have you heard this sweet story from This American Life, about life in Canada?

I’m thinking about signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime Video for some extra background TV shows, though we’re currently enjoying Great News and Dear White People on Netflix.

IKEA Stay Home Instructions

From IKEA to help us get through quarantine: colouring pages and the coveted meatball recipe. The colouring pages have instructions in Hebrew, so using my non-existent knowledge of Hebrew, here’s a brief description of what you need to know. If it looks like a maze, it’s a maze; if it looks like a dot-to-dot, it’s a dot-to-dot; if it looks like a paint-by-number, it’s a paint-by-number; if it looks like tic-tac-toe, it’s tic-tac-toe; if it looks like a giant tic-tac-toe, it is but you only have to get 4 in a row; if it looks like a basic colouring page, it’s a basic colouring page; the page with the pencils for you to cut out shows how to play battleship with the next two pages; the page after battleship is a matching game; if it looks like you’re supposed to spot the differences, there are 10 to spot.

Stay safe and sane,


Fun Fluff 6

I’m sharing some wallpaper and teacups I adore, the magic of vitamin B12, thoughts on the impacts of tourism in Hawaii (and elsewhere), and my undying love for K&W Cafeteria, and how the awesomeness of IKEA seemingly has no bounds.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Happy Valentines Day! I’m looking forward to our annual tradition of Valentines dinner with friends at K&W Cafeteria. You really can’t beat a multi-course dinner for two for $16.

I love that IKEA has basically everything you need to design and stock a cute and organized craft room. (Yellow Brick Home)

As much as I believe that travel makes the world a better place, I often think about the negative impact that tourism can play on the places we visit. I could write a whole series of posts about why I think travel makes the world a better place, but part of it has to do with experiencing other cultures, meeting people that are different from us, seeing how they live in the world, and ideally concluding that their way of living is just as much the “right way” as ours is. But if travel involves going to an American or Canadian owned island resort, sitting on the beach and ordering Piña Colada’s from the underpaid staff, we’re probably not going to get that “better world” experience. This article from the New York Times dives deeper into some of the impacts of tourism on Hawaii.

The house I really wanted sold for over 3 million dollars, and the new owner apparently plans to restore it and paint it pink. You better believe I’ll be following the progress closely.

Before paying to get B12 shots to help you lose weight, you may want to have your levels tested to see if they’re low in the first place. Very high blood levels of vitamin B12 may be life-threatening. (New York Times) (Original Study in JAMA)

If only these Joybird wallpapers were real.

Thankfully these teacups are real.

Have a great weekend!

Fun Fluff 5

1920s real estate listings, how ikea picks names for their products, best cocktail bars in Raleigh, making friends, podcast and TV recommendations.

Hey y’all,

In the 1920s, real estate listings advertised ‘fireproof’ asbestos shingles, enameled plumbing fixtures, garbage incinerators, refrigerators, ironing boards that fold into the wall, and more! – Apartment Therapy

Have you ever been curious about how IKEA picks names for their products? There is an actual system, surprisingly.

Raleigh was ranked as the third best metro for millennials to relocate, after Denver and Austin. It’s probably because we have such great cocktails.

Here’s my list of the best cocktail bars in Raleigh because sometimes you deserve a fancy cocktail.

And if you’d like a new friend to share a fancy cocktail with you, this is a should-be-common-sense article about how to make friends as an adult since I’m pretty sure we can all agree it’s not as easy as it used to be.

Maybe I’m a little slow, but I just discovered that Stacy of Blake Hill House has a podcast called True Tales From Old Houses and it’s awesome if you’re into old houses and the stories behind them. It is perfectly normal to binge podcasts.

Speaking of binging, I watched all three seasons of Workin’ Moms last weekend. I had heard people talking about it a couple years ago and I tried watching it. But I must have tried the wrong show because it was a weird Australian reality TV show, not an awesome Canadian comedy. For the record, Workin’ Moms is an awesome Canadian comedy. Watch it.

Have a great weekend!