Fun Fluff 6

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Happy Valentines Day! I’m looking forward to our annual tradition of Valentines dinner with friends at K&W Cafeteria. You really can’t beat a multi-course dinner for two for $16.

I love that IKEA has basically everything you need to design and stock a cute and organized craft room. (Yellow Brick Home)

As much as I believe that travel makes the world a better place, I often think about the negative impact that tourism can play on the places we visit. I could write a whole series of posts about why I think travel makes the world a better place, but part of it has to do with experiencing other cultures, meeting people that are different from us, seeing how they live in the world, and ideally concluding that their way of living is just as much the “right way” as ours is. But if travel involves going to an American or Canadian owned island resort, sitting on the beach and ordering Piña Colada’s from the underpaid staff, we’re probably not going to get that “better world” experience. This article from the New York Times dives deeper into some of the impacts of tourism on Hawaii.

The house I really wanted sold for over 3 million dollars, and the new owner apparently plans to restore it and paint it pink. You better believe I’ll be following the progress closely.

Before paying to get B12 shots to help you lose weight, you may want to have your levels tested to see if they’re low in the first place. Very high blood levels of vitamin B12 may be life-threatening. (New York Times) (Original Study in JAMA)

If only these Joybird wallpapers were real.

Thankfully these teacups are real.

Have a great weekend!

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