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I got a job as a census worker way back when the census was supposed to happen. I thought this would be a good way to mix things up and bring in a little extra income. But just as with many jobs these days, I have no idea what to expect. When is it gonna actually start? What kinds of modifications will they have made for the pandemic? I got a few days notice that I was supposed to go in for two hours of in-person training on Wednesday, but then that got cancelled Tuesday night. And then today I was informed that it was rescheduled for this Saturday, which I can’t make. So now I’m on a reschedule list, waiting to hear back.

But this looks pretty awesome.

And also this recipe is awesome and I’m sharing it because it took us forever to find it again. The trick is that it’s not the featured recipe on this page, it’s the one that’s waaaaaay at the bottom with the picture in the little blue pot.

Leave it to IKEA to solve our vacation woes.

I love that the City of Raleigh set this up.

Have a lovely weekend,


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