Fun Fluff 18


It’s been a gross, rainy week here and I’m over it, but hopefully the garden is happy.

IKEA has been killing it with their quarantine ads! IKEA Russia put out instructions on how to build six different forts.

I also thought this was cool. It’s an IKEA sponsored project that allows you to design your own little bee apartment, download the plans, and have it constructed at a local workshop. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the local workshop finder part to work for me so I just gave up. I’m pretty sure Andrew would veto the idea of inviting bugs into our yard anyway.

But he seems more open to these awesome mid-century modern birdhouses.

Andrew’s been watching these videos lately. I assume because he got jealous of when he witnessed me break into a hotel safe earlier this year. Hot tip: most hotel safes come with a master code that should be changed but rarely is so you can get in with something along the lines of 1111, 0000, or 9999.

And I’ve been dreaming or road-tripping through multiple national parks because the reviews sound so awesome.

I don’t expect to be painting kitchen cabinets anytime soon, but I’ll definitely save this list of tips for future reference.

Stay safe and sane,


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