Fixing the Plumbing

A or B?

Previously at the Mulberry House:

So the first thing I did this week was to get that pipe capped. I’m thankful that I gave up when shopping for a cap and just hired a handyman to deal with it. We were able to work as a team whereby he army crawled to the leaky pipe, capped it, and then had me turn on the main water shutoff valve to see if the cap worked. It did. But that meant that water pressure built up in the other pipes and found it’s way out in another part of the crawlspace. Since I was still at the main water shutoff, I was able to shut it off as soon as he saw it leaking.

Unfortunately this time, the water arrived in the crawlspace via the air ducts, and it got to the air ducts from a giant puddle on the kitchen floor, and it got to the kitchen floor from the dishwasher. Forgive me for not taking a picture of this. But the result is that we disconnected the dishwasher and will ultimately get a new one, which I’m not too sad about because this one looks pretty ancient.


We got confirmation that there are wood floors under the linoleum. So if I can get that 1319 pound gun safe out of the kitchen, we can rip out the linoleum and see about refinishing the hardwoods!

Much of the house looked a little like a crime scene so I also spent a fair bit of time this week cleaning with the intention of being able to use it as a covid vacation home, occasionally staying for a few nights at a time rather than spending over four hours in the car every day that I want to work on the house.

Crime scene

I’ll admit that that particular corner of the kitchen still looks pretty much the same, but I got the bedroom and bathroom to a point that feels acceptable and I’m working on other areas now so we can “move in” this weekend.

Lastly, I started meeting with general contractors to get estimates for adding a second bedroom and bathroom. I haven’t quite finished the drawings to show how I’m thinking of making that happen, so maybe watch instagram?

Have a great rest of the week!


3 responses to “Fixing the Plumbing”

  1. Brilliant use of the Julian Assange quotation. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 !!!

    Where’s Spritz! In all of the reno hoopla?


    1. I promise I’ll give a Spritz! update soon. For now, she’s just passed out beside me on the couch.


  2. […] working on installing shut off valves under the kitchen sink. I mentioned a while back that after fixing the major plumbing problems, a drippy sink faucet was the only remaining plumbing problem. I managed to replace an o-ring on […]


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