Fun Fluff 17

The signs of progress around us are encouraging. Some communities are relaxing aspects of the stay-at-home restrictions and certain workplaces are beginning to reopen. But at the same time, we understand that many of you are continuing to face significant hardships that will not resolve quickly or easily. That’s why we are continuing to entertain and inform you regardless of past-due payments and waiving all late-payment fees, as well as fees for online and in-person payments.

Fun Fluff 12

Given the continuously changing nature of this situation, we have a few things to occupy your mind and time for a few minutes. No dreadfully long articles this time, I promise.

A perfect day in Japan

I put together a perfectly fancy one-day itinerary for Osaka, Japan in hopes that I'll one day be able to use it. If not, there's also a 3D tour so you can pretend you're there.

Fun Fluff 6

I'm sharing some wallpaper and teacups I adore, the magic of vitamin B12, thoughts on the impacts of tourism in Hawaii (and elsewhere), and my undying love for K&W Cafeteria, and how the awesomeness of IKEA seemingly has no bounds.

Fun Fluff 2

Discovering local run clubs, staying motivated, making millions of dollars to support my lifestyle, 2020 timeline goals, a great podcast you should check out, and some questions for you. Check it out!

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