What Should be in an Airbnb Bathroom?

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

I’m including links to the products I have and love in my Church Street Airbnb. They’ve helped me get 5 star reviews and Superhost status. If I don’t include a link, it’s probably because I don’t really like the product I got.

This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Bathroom Essentials

I like to get most of these items from Target because they need replacing often and there’s a store nearby so it’s convenient.

Toilet paper

  • You may be tempted to get the cheapest toilet paper for your guests, but in my opinion, nothing ruins a vacation faster than bad toilet paper. I’m personally a fan of this stuff, although I swear the quality has gone down in the last year or so. That said, I haven’t found anything better.
  • Don’t forget extra rolls. Some hosts recommend 1/2 roll per guest per night. I keep it simple and just leave 3 extra mega rolls per bathroom, which should be more than enough for a long weekend.
  • You can either use a traditional, wall-mounted dispenser, or floor dispenser that may also hold extra rolls.

Hand soap

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

  • I got a set of cute but simple dispensers from Etsy that I can refill, but much like the soap, you could also leave them in their original containers.
  • I use this body wash and have gotten great reviews on it.
  • I’m currently using this shampoo and this conditioner because they’re decent and affordable, but definitely not worth writing home about.


  • I leave out one towel and one wash cloth per guest. We also leave hand towels hanging in each bathroom. We store all the extra towels in an easy to access cabinet in case guests want a clean towel every day. Guests also have the ability to wash towels during their stay.
  • I’ve chosen to use darker coloured towels to hide harmless but impossible to get out stains but many guests prefer white towels so that they can see harmless but impossible to get out stains. I have yet to find nice, affordable towels that I like so I’m open to suggestions.
  • Don’t forget enough hooks or towel bars for guests to hang their towels!
  • Since we live near the beach, we also provide beach towels so that guests aren’t tempted to take their bath towels to the beach.

Bathmat and Shower curtain

  • I really like these hotel-style shower curtains, because the liner is easy to snap off and wash between guests. Note that water spray will go through the upper transparent portion so I find that the long 78″ length is necessary and also feels more luxurious.
  • Pick any bath mat that suits your fancy, matches your theme, and fits your budget so long as it’s absorbent and keeps your guests from slipping on the wet floor.

Trash can

  • I chose super basic trash bins and line them with a bag. I also keep extra bags in the bottom of the can so that guests aren’t tempted to use the trash can without a bag in it.

Plunger and Toilet brush

  • I like to keep a set hidden in the vanity cabinet or behind the toilet. Because you want your guests to be able to handle their own clogged toilet.

Bathroom Nice-To-Haves

Here’s the complete Amazon list of bathroom products I have in my Church Street Airbnb as well as a few I’m considering adding.

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

One response to “What Should be in an Airbnb Bathroom?”

  1. I agree on having a lot of hooks and towel bars! I also appreciate that you aren’t using the ridiculous small step trash cans that fall over every time you try to open them!


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