12 Reasons to Visit Wilmington, NC

Picture from the Riverwalk in Wilmington NC

Here’s why you should plan a trip to Wilmington, NC.

  1. Good food. Seabird is my personal favourite for a fancy seafood-centric dinner and delicious cocktails, but there’s also celebrity chef owned Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria, Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn for surprisingly good fusion burritos and a fantastic salsa bar, and Britts Donuts for … donuts.
  1. So many breweries. Front Street Brewery has a little bit of everything and is great for people watching, Flying Machine also has a little bit of everything done exceptionally well and is a nice place to hang out and relax, and New Anthem has two locations and amazing IPAs.
  1. A surprising number of dive bars, most of which don’t have websites, probably for a reason.
  1. Carnivorous plants. Venus flytraps only grow natively in Wilmington and the 60-mile radius around it, and you will also find pitcher plants, bladderworts, sundews, and butterworts. Check out Carolina Beach State Park or Piney Ridge Nature Preserve to see them.
  1. Battleship North Carolina. Take a self-guided tour of a World War II ship. Follow the arrows and enjoy climbing ladders to explore.
  1. History. The Bellamy Mansion is one of North Carolina’s finest examples of historic antebellum architecture and is home to the only preserved slave quarters in the United States. Poplar Grove is among the last remaining peanut plantations in the United States.
  1. The Riverwalk. At the heart of Wilmington is the Riverwalk, where the city meets the water. Here, you’ll find restaurants, shops, and beautiful views of the Cape Fear River. This is a great place to go for a walk, run, or enjoy the sunset.
  1. Beaches. I’m not sure why people like beaches, but if you like beaches, you should probably visit Wilmington.
  1. Sailing, fishing, kayaking, SUPing, boat tours.
  1. Museums.
    • North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Fish, alligators, birds, and a conservatory.
    • The Cape Fear Museum. In addition to local history, you’ll find exhibits on space, music, and even rare memorabilia from a guy named Michael Jordan.
    • Children’s Museum of Wilmington. There are exhibits for all age groups, even toddlers.
    • Museum of the Bizarre. This attraction for all ages has offbeat displays such as a unicorn’s horn, creepy skulls & more.
    • Wilmington Railroad Museum – A great place to go to see model trains in person. With a children’s play area, huge model railroad displays, and a real steam engine and caboose. Wilmington Railroad Museum broke the Guinness World Record in 2011 for the world’s longest model train!
  1. Wilmiwood. See where Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Florida Man, and Iron Man 3 were filmed and stumble on something being filmed now.
  1. Southern charm. Think big magnolia trees, Spanish moss dripping from centuries-old live oak trees, the annual Azalea Festival where an Azalea Queen is crowned, historic houses galore with people sipping sweet tea on the porch, cobblestone streets, ghost tours…

I really can’t think of a good reason not to travel to Wilmington, NC.


2 responses to “12 Reasons to Visit Wilmington, NC”

  1. Hi, Julian & I are very interested in booking your place in Wilmington, I think in April, 2023. Do you have availability?

    Live, Love, Laugh


  2. […] all of the snow and freezing rain that Raleigh got this year. Aside from all the time we spent in Wilmington this year, we didn’t travel again until the fall. In September we took advantage of direct […]


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