The Grand Tour

Church Street House

I promised you more pictures of the house this week so here is the best picture I have of each room and I’ll try to explain how it flows along the way.

Front of house

Climb the front steps, walk across the porch and through the front door to the living room.

Living Room

The living room comes with a fancy fire machine, a pocket door to the right leads to the first bedroom, and wide arched doorway leads to the dining room.

Dining Room

In the dining room, we turn to the right to see the doorway leading to the second bedroom, and the door to the kitchen can now be seen to the left.


The doorway from which we entered the kitchen is just to the left of the furthest cabinet on the left of this picture. The stove works and the oven only works on broil, which probably explains the pots and pans they left behind. There is also some cereal in the pantry which is on the wall to our right. To the left of the pantry is the fridge and then the door to the laundry room. Behind us is the weird little hallway nook.

Laundry Room
The laundry room is also a mudroom, leading to the back door. Someone at one point appears to have been quite angry with the back door.
Back Door
Here’s a picture looking back in from the back door. I think the awning above the door gives you a pretty good idea of the kind of work that needs to be done to the exterior of the house.

This is a picture of the backyard, taken from the sidewalk beside the house. It has a driveway leading to it and as you can see, it’s big enough for a couple cars OR to be used as a yard.

Ok. So that’s the whole left side of the house. I’m going to take you back to the front of the house to show you the right side.

First Bedroom

This is the first bedroom. The wall cut beside the left closet leads to a doorway to the second bedroom. The pocket door from the living room is behind us.

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom is about the same size as the first. Behind us is the door going back to the first bedroom, to our left is a door to the dining room, and where you can see the flooring change is a door to what I’m calling the weird hallway nook. To the left of the nook is the kitchen, to the right is the hall bathroom, and straight ahead but slightly to the left so you can’t see it is the third (primary) bedroom. I know, I’ll need to work on the bedroom names.

Hall Bathroom

This is the hall bathroom. The toilet is to the left and a small sink and vanity is to the right. Love the fake stained glass.

Third (Primary) Bedroom
We’re now looking back towards the second bedroom and you can see just a sliver of the floor in there through the weird hallway nook. Again, to the left of the nook is the hall bath, and to the right is the kitchen. If you look to the top of the nook, you can sort of see there there is some weird storage space up there, as well as the attic access. To our right and a little behind us is the primary bathroom.
Primary Bathroom

This is the primary bathroom. Nothing special but it gets the job done with the tub/shower to the right and the toilet to the left.

So that’s the grand tour.

My initial work is going to focus on replacing missing siding, fascia board, soffits, and crawlspace covers. I also need to fix the porch decking and broken windows. And likely build some beefier pillars for the porch. I’ve also been debating painting the exterior because it’s ugly AF but can’t decide what colors I want.

On the interior I need to paint the ceilings, get the ducts cleaned, and replace some missing vent covers. And likely replace the squishy flooring in the primary bathroom. And buy some appliances.

And then furniture…


2 responses to “The Grand Tour”

  1. Interesting layout. So, there is a pocket door between the first 2 bedrooms, and another door in each leading out into the dining or living-room?


    1. Basically every room has a doorway to every room around it if you pretend that the hallway nook is part of the third bedroom. The two pocket doors are between the living room and first bedroom, and between the primary bedroom and bathroom. So the doorway between the two bedrooms is just a normal swinging door.


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