An Update on the Greenfield House in Wilmington

Last week I told you about our most recent attempt to buy a house in Wilmington, NC and promised you an update.

As I mentioned, we felt comfortable that we could make it work if we paid asking price so that’s what we offered, even though my instincts and research told us it was overpriced (by like 30K). The next day, our realtor came back to us and said that the sellers had at least seven offers, possibly more, and were asking for everyone to come back with their highest and best offers by the end of the day. We decided to leave our offer as is, knowing that that almost certainly meant we would lose out, but also knowing that if we paid more, we would be fully dependent on getting a short-term rental permit, which wasn’t a given.

The next day, we obviously got the news that the sellers decided to go with another offer.

This is basically how it went.

Or maybe it’s just me?

Have a great week y’all.


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