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I have been working the US census for the last two weeks and it’s been interesting. I basically walk out my front door and walk around the neighbourhood asking people to let me help them complete a census questionnaire. (Take s shot for every unnecessary “u”.)

On one hand, I love that I get to be outside all day and get paid for it. On the other hand, I dislike that it feels like 104°F.

I’ve met all sorts of people and I’ve been surprised to learn how many Hispanic people live in my neighbourhood. And also how many children.

Most people have been kind and helpful and willing to let me do my job. Neighbours and young kids sometimes offer to translate for non-English speakers. Some people offer me bottles of water. Some people offer to give me directions. Some people are jerks and tell me to come back when it’s cooler out – like they’re the ones out in the sun.

Because my neighbourhood is so transitional, many of the addresses I’m sent to that were residential units 10 years ago, are now parking lots or duplexes that have turned into single family homes. So part of my job is then talking to neighbours to get them to confirm that the parking lot was in fact there on April 1, 2020 (Census Day), and that no one lived or stayed there as their primary residence.

In other news, I appreciate and commiserate with this honest discussion of the emotional toll of renovating a home.

And I love this (almost) 100% DIY bathroom. I want those skillz.

As should be expected from this author, this recipe looks way too complicated. But I like the idea of making dumplings with kids.

This is probably my favourite thing in Kannapolis.

It’s a bear glass!

Happy weekend,



2 responses to “Fun Fluff”

  1. Good on ya for being a census taker!! What A US citizen! Brava!

    I did that in grad school in rural Appalachia. No one answered their door.

    That reno paint job was a fiasco. 🤞🏼 that doesn’t happen to you!


    1. I’ll be doing the painting myself so I’m going in with the expectation that it’ll look crumby.


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