The Safe is Gone!

Moving a Gun Safe


We’ve made a little more progress on the Mulberry House renovation, but by far the biggest step was getting the 1319 pound safe moved.

Removing the Door

First they removed the door.

Moving the Door

Then they tried using a hand truck but then decided that wasn’t going to work.

Trying to use a hand truck

So they used the dolly along with lots of lifting to get it over the door thresholds and down steps.

Lifting the safe through the first door

They put blankets on the floors that seem to have protected them from any new damage.

Rolling the dolly through the front door

And they moved the safe out of the house.

Trying to figure out how to get the safe down the porch step
The safe moved off the property

And the house still stands.

The safe loaded onto the trailer

So I guess paint is really the only thing left holding it together.

The gun safe is gone

6 responses to “The Safe is Gone!”

  1. Hooray!!!

    What’s to become of it?

    Was there anything in it?!?!


    1. It’s getting moved to somewhere around Hendersonville. I don’t want to immagine how much it cost to move since the quote I got for moving it to the curb was $500. It was unlocked and empty.


  2. I’ll pay like 20 dollars for that safe bro


    1. I would have paid you to take it away if you spoke up sooner.


      1. Dang. I wish I knew in advance cause I know some guys who could really make use of that for some stuff.


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