Fun Fluff

Historic Tavern


This leaves me confident and inspired to do some painting in the kitchen and bathroom of the Mulberry House.

I love this staircase. And the flooring. And wow.

Andrew tells me I don’t want this. But it’s just such a steal! Someone else should buy it and I’ll come visit.

Lots of tips for managing mosquitoes. I’m curious about the traps and definitely plan to give the incense a try.

I bought this t-shirt for Andrew to add to his collection of “things riding things” clothing.

This video was captivating enough to hold my attention for over 11 minutes.

Have a lovely weekend,



2 responses to “Fun Fluff”

  1. Check out what Disney uses at its theme parks to get rid of mosquitoes — garlic!!

    Please do a blog on Andrew’s collection of things riding things. Hilarious!

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    1. Interesting article about Disney, thanks for sharing.


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