Let’s Do Coffee

Coffee date

If you and I were to sit down to coffee today, it’d be over Google Hangouts or Zoom again. I’m super bored of social distancing and would love to meet in person, but unfortunately, I’m still really struggling with breathing while wearing a mask so, if we met in person, it would have to be 10 minutes max and I’d probably be preoccupied with breathing.

I’d tell you that the recent protests have given us reason to leave the house, which is super exciting. Andrew participated in a few of them but I couldn’t because of my mask wearing issues. I did often observe from afar – I was a block away when protesters managed to remove a couple confederate statues from the capital grounds and hang them from a nearby light post. But we’ve also done almost daily walks to see what kind of new damage and repairs have been done everyday.

And then I’d apologize that I haven’t even asked how you’ve been. Are you still completely isolating at home? It’s hard to even imagine how everything is impacting people with different circumstances than me. Like trying to work a full time job at home while also keeping multiple little people alive and ideally thriving. Or like being a person of colour in a world that seems to have just realized that’s a thing. Or being a downtown bar owner that had their business shut down since March and now has a pile of broken boarded up windows and no clue if or when they’re ever going to be able to reopen. Or being an older person living in a nursing home just waiting for a covid outbreak to take over their facility. Meanwhile I’m just irritated I found $377 flights to Tokyo that I can’t buy because I don’t know when it’s going to be adequately safe to travel.

You’d try to reassure me that I’m allowed to be upset and that my complaints aren’t any less valid than anyone else’s.

I’ll groan and say yeah, sure. And in an attempt to change the subject, I’ll suggest we pause to grab some coffee. This is a coffee date after all! I’ll mix some cream of coconut and chocolate powder with some cold brew and a little oat milk to make an oh-so-refreshing and creamy iced coffee.

I ask you if you remember me telling you about my plan to train as a real estate appraiser? And the real estate broker pre-licensing class I was taking? Well, I finished the class online, and passed with flying colours. I was hoping to take the licensing exam to become provisionally licensed, which would allow me to take some post-licensing classes, hopefully also online. But unfortunately, my pathetic breathing skills have kept me from attempting the licensing exam which would have to be taken at a testing center.

I’d ask you how things have been with your work? Are you still happy with what you’re doing? A (huge) part of me is now regretting quitting my job, but I am just so much happier having done it, despite feeling like I currently have no purpose in life.

You’re such a good listener so you’d ask how things are going with our house. And I’d tell you that the yard is looking pretty great, the garden is productive, and we’ve been loving spending time outside, despite the increasing summer heat. I finally submitted my COA application to install a front walkway and shed in the backyard and am hoping to hear back by next week. We’re also waiting for a quote for a new metal roof. Other than that, not much is going on but we’re still loving the house. I did come up with some DIY table ideas (dining room and coffee) that I’ll tell you more about after I get them done.

You’d tell me you’re already looking forward to Canadian Thanksgiving at the new dinning room table. Hopefully we’re able to get together safely by then!

I tell you I sure hope so because, while I appreciate the option of doing virtual birthday parties, dance recitals, and beer tastings, and have enjoyed our day trips to Wilson, Rocky Mount, and Durham, I’m definitely missing the bigger world. I miss getting to hug you.

Then I’d glance at the time on my computer and notice that I have spent way too much time talking about myself—yet again. I’m the worst. Can we make a date to get back together when things are a little more normal? Maybe we could have a campfire. I promise to talk less about myself. Love you!


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