Fun Fluff 19

Warren the Marmot


We went out for dinner last night! Like to a real live restaurant! It was pretty great. We chose Whiskey Kitchen because of their large patio. They did a really good job blocking off every second table, having a separate entrance and exit with hand sanitizer readily available, and all the staff was wearing face masks. Despite the anxiety that I’ve generally felt when around other people lately, I felt completely comfortable there. It also helped that they had a coconut chess pie on the menu.

In related news, our neighborhood McDonald’s is being “renovated”.

McDonald's renovation

And we have a new neighborhood critter. I thought he was a cat the first several times I saw peaks of him behind other objects. But it turns out not. We’re calling him a marmot but we’ve also been told whistle pig and land beaver.

Warren the Marmot

It’s been another rainy week and I’ve actually done a lot of reading but can’t currently come up with anything worth sharing.

Stay safe and sane,



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