Let’s Do Coffee


If you and I were to sit down to coffee today, it’d be over Google Hangouts or Zoom. I’m trying really hard to do my part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. For me this means staying home other than going for runs where I will awkwardly cross the street to avoid coming within 10 feet of people. I don’t think they’re offended, because when I’m running, I definitely look and sound like I’ve got a scary respiratory illness that they don’t want to catch.

I’d tell you that either Andrew or I have been going to the grocery store maybe once a week and we’ve started to get takeout once or twice a week. We could definitely go without doing either of those for probably at least a month, but I really like to have some fresh fruit and veggies rather than relying entirely on frozen and pantry items. As far as takeout, I honestly wish we had started doing that sooner or more often because several of my favorite restaurants have ultimately decided that it doesn’t make financial sense for them to remain open and I’ll be hella sad if they aren’t able to re-open when this is all over.

And then I’d apologize that I haven’t even asked how this has been affecting you. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I’ve forgotten how to interact with humans. Even lovely ones like you. This is such a weird time that we live in, isn’t it?

Social Distancing

You’d suggest that we play some sort of game to get our minds off of all of this but I’d tell you that I’d honestly rather just hear about what’s going on in your life.

I’d step away from my computer while you’re updating me – don’t worry, I can still hear you – but I need to pour myself a second cup of cold brew. I can’t believe it’s cold brew weather already!

Back in January, I was running the fireplace non-stop while trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, not to be too dramatic. I had just quit my full time job at the end of December and felt that I needed a break from the nutrition world even though I was once freakishly passionate about it. I tell you that there was a lot telling me I should do something with my interest in houses, especially old houses. I was intrigued by real estate and after a little research, I learned that becoming a real estate agent involved a relatively small investment of time and money. I wasn’t sure I’d be horribly good at the sales part of being a real estate agent though. But it occurred to me that I could be really good at and really enjoy working as a real estate appraiser. So I tell you that I did a little research into that and found out that the investment would be a little bigger, though mostly in terms of time, but that I thought it would still be worth it so I signed up for a class to get me started! Since the class I signed up for wouldn’t start for a while, I decided to take a real estate broker pre-licensing class just to learn more and keep me occupied.

But even that class wouldn’t start until after a trip to southern California for a friend’s wedding. Andrew and I spent some time exploring neighborhoods, breweries, and parks in San Diego before heading up to stay with a couple friends at an Airbnb just outside of Joshua Tree National Park. We did a couple easy hikes in the park which was more than enough for Andrew’s still recovering ACL. And we got to catch up with more friends we never see at the wedding in Palm Dessert. I gotta say, I loved our time in the sun and would recommend this area to a friend. Hint, hint.

Not long after this trip, I booked a last minute flight to go hang out with my mom in Barbados for a few days. She and my step dad had already been there for three weeks and seemed to not be hating it. I had to admit that I was moderately concerned about not being able to get home because of the new “Chinese virus” but I guess I was lucky no one was even recommending any preventative measures anywhere in the US for several weeks after I got back.


I’d tell you a little about starting my real estate broker classes, finding out that my appraiser classes were cancelled due to inadequate enrollment, and then being worried my broker classes would be cancelled part-way through because the North Carolina Real Estate Commission had a rule that required all classes to be classroom based. Thankfully they met and made a rule that would allow for synchronous online classes so after a two week delay, I’m back to learning. And starting to think I might not actually be terrible at this, if one day there is again a real estate market to work in.

I’d ask you how you’ve been holding up sheltering in place? I’ve honestly been enjoying the slower pace of life that it’s forced on me. I don’t feel bad about having several hours or even an entire day without doing anything I’d call productive. I’m also thankful that we have absolutely perfect weather right now. I’d honestly be pretty annoyed if I had to be at work or something.

You’re such a good listener so you’d ask how our yard is looking. And I’d tell you that I’ve finally tamed it so I’m ready to start making some improvements. Our yard below on the right looked pretty much like the yard on the left when we started, although the invasive trees were no more than about four feet tall at the time. Can you believe how far we’ve come?


I’m working on putting together my application for the Raleigh Historic Development Commission to install a front walkway and a shed in the backyard, and maybe a couple other things. We also got a new outdoor speaker so we can easily listen to music outside, started setting up the string lights I bought for Andrew months ago, I got a weed-eater! and tomorrow we’re hoping to set up a new fire pit. Oh and check out this picture of the garden. Other than pulling a few weeds, I haven’t touched it since last fall and it’s a friggen bounty of fresh herbs!


You’d tell me you can’t wait to see it and also that you’re sorry we had to cancel the wedding celebrations. I’d tell you they’re not cancelled, just postponed until…

Then I’d glance down at my watch and notice that I have spent way too much time talking about myself—yet again. I’m the worst. Can we make a date to get back together when things are a little more normal? Maybe we could have a campfire. I promise to talk less about myself. Love you!


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  1. Thanks so much for the chat! Enjoy hearing what you’ve been up to.


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