A perfect day in Japan

Osaka Castle

No, I’m not in Japan, but on these days when I’m locked at home, all I can think about is how much I want to be everywhere else. So I decided, what better time to start planning the trip to Japan we had been hoping to take in the fall.

While I don’t particularly enjoy trips that are planned out to the minute, I do like to do some research to help me figure out where I might want to stay and how long I want to spend in any particular place. From the little research I’ve done about Japan so far, I’ve learned that actually planning some things might come in handy as there are restaurants and museums that I’d like to experience that actually book up months in advance. Of course it would also be helpful to know when (if) we’re actually going on this trip before I make any reservations. So I think what I’m going to try to do is put together some daily itineraries and then when I figure out if we’re going to get to go at some point, I can start piecing the days together into a trip and make the necessary reservations.

So without further ado, here’s a perfect day in Osaka, Japan. Click here for the 3D tour – it’ll take it’s time to load, but once it does, click the ‘Present’ button on the left, and then use the arrows on the bottom (beside the Table of Contents) to advance through the tour. Or you can simply keep reading on for the play by play.

A perfectly fancy day in Osaka:

Wake-up at Dotombori Crystal Hotel Ⅳ, a nice modern hotel.

Walk 24 minutes to Boulangerie and Cafe Gout to pick up coffee and pastries.

Walk 8 minutes to Osaka Castle Park to enjoy breakfast.

After eating, spend an hour wandering around Osaka Castle Park.

Osaka Castle

Take the metro (5 minute walk, 5 minute metro, 8 minute walk) to Dōguya-suji Arcade to think about buying some kitchen or cooking supplies or plastic food samples. Spend about an hour shopping.

Walk 6 more minutes to the Kuromon Ichiba Market to find something to eat with our newly purchased chopsticks. Spend about 30 minutes here.

Walk 5 minutes to Takoyaki Wanaka for tako-yaki – grilled octopus stuffed dumplings. I can’t wait!


This will be a great time for a nap if there’s time so we’ll walk 15 minutes back to the hotel.

After my lovely nap, we’ll walk 12 minutes via the Tombori River Walk to grab dinner at Shoubentango-tei where they serve an Osaka style kaiseki called kappo-ryori – fancy dinner for me!

After dinner, we’ll explore Dotombori, known for its bright lights, street food, and night life. I could see us wandering for an hour or two.


If we somehow find room in our stomachs, we’ll stop at Chibo for okonomiyaki – thick savory pancakes filled however you want.


From there, it’s a 10 minute walk back to the hotel where we will sleep like babies.

In summary:

  • Walking: 1. 5 hours
  • Wandering: 3.5 – 4.5 hours
  • Eating: pastries and coffee, tako-yaki, kappo-ryori, okonomiyaki
  • Experiencing: a park, a castle, food shopping, kitchenware shopping, night life

What do you think?!

I’ll plan to share another fun day plan with you next week!


3 responses to “A perfect day in Japan”

  1. I would hire you as a travel agent! Lovely day.


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