Fun Fluff 10

Happy Friday the 13th!

Usually I have a bunch of things I can’t wait to share with you but as much reading as I’ve done this week, I’m just too depressed by the cancellation of the NCAA basketball tournament to think about much else.

I’m taking my real estate classes through a community college (Wake Tech) and they’ll be on on spring break next week but have already announced that there will be no on-site classes for the two weeks following spring break. And my soccer league is cancelling all games for the next couple of weeks. And Andrew was told to work from home tomorrow, tbd if he’ll continue working from home next week. All that to say we’ll have a lot of home time and I imagine we’re not the only ones.

So in that light, I figured I’d share a couple things I might do to occupy some of my time over the next few weeks.

  • respond to the census;
  • make brownies. I think I’ll try this recipe;
  • make a plan for the yard and submit it to the Raleigh Historic Development Commission for approval;
  • do a puzzle. I’m sure Spritz! will be a great help;
  • book and order some things for our wedding celebration which may or may not happen as scheduled;
  • make this and this because I love eggplant, although I don’t have any so that could be a barrier;
  • go for some bike rides;
  • try to convince Andrew we should buy this house.

Any other ideas?

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