Fun Fluff 9

Unfinished wood floors

I didn’t get a post up on Wednesday because I was busy cramming for my real estate midterm. I passed with flying colours so hopefully that will be enough for you to forgive me.

I’m sad that even though I’ve worked in healthcare for many years, I just discovered this website that helps you shop around for the best price rather than just paying the amount that shows up on your bill after you’ve already gotten care.

To say I’ve been struggling with lost friendships recently would be a bit of an understatement. But I also can’t form thoughts nearly as coherently as Joanna so just read this little essay.

“I’d like to know how it feels to never get cornered by people wondering where your children are. To have your choices and circumstances celebrated by society. To operate from a place where no one questions whether your life has purpose and meaning.”

A Cup of Jo

Seems like everyone and their dogs decided to share their hardwood floor finishing choices this week and I have to admit, they all look pretty great.

Scott and Kim of Yellow Brick home did a great job fighting for their original pine and maple floors to be refinished and I actually like the look of the water based polyurethane they used, likely because of the satin finish.

The completely raw, unfinished maple floors from Vintage Revivals simply make my skirt fly up.

And I love the Rubio Monocoat floors that Stacy did at Blake Hill House because they have an unfinished look, with a finished quality. I’m sure I’ll give this stuff a try at some point in my life.

But I’m pretty sure our oil finished reclaimed mixed wood floors are still the best.

Luxury wood floors

Gif Peanut Butter!

And finally, I offer up a cure for your COVID-19 fears.

Have a great weekend!


2 responses to “Fun Fluff 9”

  1. I love that childfree article … about as much as I love the phrase “blew my skirt up!” 🙂

    Is that a Diana Original or is it from your grandma?


    1. Oh dear, my grandmothers would definitely never have said that.


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