Cat Safe Plants

Cat safe plants

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It barely got above freezing here today and I just got back from San Diego where succulents appear to grow like weeds. Those two facts have led to an increased desire to add more green to the Downtown Luxury Slum.

The challenge is that our cat, Spritz!, loves to chew on plants so I should probably focus on plants that are not toxic to cats.

The ASPCA has an extensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants that feels a little excessively overwhelming. So I put together my own much shorter list of plants that are fairly easy to find and also somewhat trendy. And it’s a picture list.

  1. Boston Fern
  2. Majesty Palm
  3. Spider Plant
  4. Chinese Money Plant
  5. Butterfly Palm
  6. Bromeliad
  7. Money Tree
  8. Banana Tree
  9. Ponytail Palm

I’ve got a ton of pineapple plants in the house already, which are similar to bromeliads, so I think one of those might do well. I’m definitely going to try a ponytail palm because it’s adorable. And I may try a banana tree, because who knew you could grow those indoors?


One response to “Cat Safe Plants”

  1. Great list. Those plants are lovely to look at. I have a ponytail plant and I love it!

    DLS fan requests an entire post(s) on Spritz.


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