Fun Fluff 2

Where is this?

One of the big benefits of quitting my full time job is having the luxury of being able to exercise outside while the sun is out. I’ve definitely been taking advantage, going for a short run almost every day. This week I decided to start doing some of my runs with local run clubs to add variety and meet some new people. Here’s my list of the Best Free Run Clubs in Raleigh.

This motivational quote makes me feel pretty accomplished.

The $20 I invested in Robinhood stocks is now worth $26.74. I should clearly become a full time stock market investor.

Google sent me a 2019 timeline summary based on my location history yesterday. Apparently I spent 460 hours in some sort of transportation, and only 153 hours on foot or on a bike. That’s gotta change this year!

I can’t wait for the last episode of this fictional drama podcast reminiscent of Dirty John. I feel like the possibilities are wide open at this point, so I’m curious if they’re going to tie everything up in a neat little bow, leave everything open ended, or somewhere in between.

I’m crowd-sourcing things to do in San Diego. Do you have any tips?

I’m working on a photo book of our 2019 adventures. Does anyone want to guess where the above picture was taken?

Have a great weekend!


2 responses to “Fun Fluff 2”

  1. My guess is Belgium 🇧🇪.

    Are you still doing running club?


    1. Yes, it is Bruges!
      I’ve done a couple run clubs but haven’t found one that I feel like I want to be a regular at.


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