The last few weeks have been really quiet aside from the urgent signing of documents for the bank every few days. We finally got our interest rate locked in and we actually got a new appraisal back that values the renovated house way higher than the original appraisal did. So that’s helpful.

One of the decor items that I’ve struggled the most with is lighting. Like where should we have fixtures, where she we have recessed lighting and how much is needed, and what kind of cool fixtures should we use?

I discovered Hangout Lighting and really like the look of a bunch of their stuff.

Hangout Lighting Chandelier

And I also like ridiculously sparkly stuff.

Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier

I’m thinking it would nice to have some sort of cool feature light above the kitchen island and one at the front entrance. Feedback appreciated and all counts. I’m really stuck on these decisions.

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  1. I like both of the options. If you can, go into a showroom, (time consuming, I know) to see what similar fixtures look like in reality. Better yet, check out showhomes, where you will really get a sense of how they ‘feel’ in a space. Pay attention to the quality of need good lighting in a workspace, softer, ‘mood’ lighting in areas where you want relax.

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