Top 35 Indonesia Travel Experiences (And Indonesia Travel Bingo)

Indonesia Travel Bingo Card

Indonesia is another 2023 travel destination that kind of fell into my lap. Indonesia is an insanely large and spread out country that I don’t think you could fully experience without spending and entire year traveling around. That said, I’m hoping to experience as much as I can in the two weeks that I’m lucky enough to be there. Because I’m travelling with my mom, it will be a very thoroughly planned trip, and the first step in planning was to figure out what Indonesia has to offer and then figure out what kinds of things we want to experience. Once I did that, I was able to figure out which ones I could incorporate into our trip. So here’s what I found in my research. Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything essential.

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If you don’t do at least 10 of these 35 things in Indonesia, you haven’t really been to Indonesia.

  1. Spend 15 000 Indonesian Rupiah
  2. Climb a volcano
  3. See Komodo Dragons or Orangutans in the wild
  4. Climb to the top of Borobudur
  5. Watch the lakes change colour on Flores Island
  6. See some art
  7. Eat mie goreng
  8. Go scuba diving in the Coral Triangle
  9. Explore the Kraton of Yogyakarta
  10. Visit Prambanan
  11. Learn to play the angklung
  12. Sightsee on Bali
  13. Relax on the Gili Islands
  14. Use at least 3 forms of transportation
  15. Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest
  16. See the blue flames on Kawah Ijen
  17. Learn to make Batik
  18. Learn about local culture
  19. Witness funeral rites
  20. Enjoy a kecak performance
  21. Visit a museum
  22. Ride a becak
  23. Eat gudeg
  24. Experience the hustle and bustle in Jakarta
  25. Tour a plantation
  26. Visit a small village
  27. Try surfing
  28. See a waterfall
  29. See the Bogor Botanical Gardens
  30. Visit the House of Danar Hadi
  31. Explore the megaliths in Bada Valley
  32. Eat babi guling
  33. Spend a day on the beach
  34. Learn some Bahasa Indonesia
  35. Eat lots of satay

Indonesia Travel Bingo

Use this link to get your Indonesia Travel Bingo card. Once your card is generated, save the link somewhere you’ll be able to find it again repeatedly and easily – save it to your favorites, email it to yourself, save it in your notes app, or create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen.

  • The goal is to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line or four corners.
  • Bonus points for an X.
  • Extra Bonus points for a blackout.

Use the comments to share your winning card.


  • My eternal respect for anyone who gets a bingo.
Indonesia Travel Bingo Card

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