Top 26 Guatemala Travel Experiences (And Guatemala Travel Bingo)

Guatemala Travel Bingo

Guatemala is one of the destinations in my completely random 2023 travel itinerary, thanks to Scott’s Cheap Flights. It’s going to be a minimally planned trip, but still well researched. So here’s what I’ve found in my research so far:

If you don’t do at least 10 of these 26 things in Guatemala, you haven’t really been to Guatemala.

  1. Climb a volcano
  2. Eat a tostada
  3. Sightsee in Antigua
  4. Shop Chichicastenango Market
  5. Explore Rio Dulce National Park
  6. Visit a museum
  7. Marvel at Lake Atitlan
  8. Try surfing
  9. Swim at Semuc Champey
  10. Visit Xela
  11. Watch sunset on Flores Island
  12. Drink a Gallo beer
  13. Go tubing underground in Candelaria Caves
  14. Visit a coffee farm
  15. Learn some Spanish
  16. Ride a Chicken Bus
  17. Eat a pupusa
  18. Drink a cocktail with Ron Zacapa rum
  19. Spend some Quetzal
  20. Fly into or out of La Aurora International Airport
  21. Ride a boat
  22. Eat some guacamole
  23. Visit a church
  24. Explore the ruins at Tikal
  25. Eat some queso
  26. Drink a Cabro beer

Guatemala Travel Bingo

Use this link to get your Guatemala Travel Bingo card.

  • The goal is to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line or four corners.
  • Bonus points for an X.
  • Extra Bonus points for a blackout.

Use the comments to share your winning card.


  • My eternal respect for anyone who gets a bingo.
Guatemala Travel Bingo

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