Fun Fluff 15


It turns out that when your roof leaks through your carbon monoxide detector, it makes godawful noises and is also a not yet patented way to boil water.

Speaking of patents, there are apparently some pending for glow-in-the-dark plants, which I think would qualify for the dramatic lighting Andrew has always wanted.

Andrew just said “add it to the list of houses we can have,” referring to this 1880 Queen Anne featured in the movie Bull Durham as the place that Susan Sarandon’s character lived in. And if you haven’t seen Bull Durham, it is a solid 80’s rom-com that’s definitely worth watching while social distancing.

I just got these paper straws. The quality is great – as in you can use them for at least 3 refills and they don’t get soggy – and they make me so happy!

And Andrew wants to make these because he’s crazy, but I’m not complaining.

Stay safe and sane,



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