Yet another perfect day in Japan


I know, I know, it’s impossible. But I’ve got yet another perfect day in Japan to share with you today. Read on for the play by play.

A perfectly fancy day in Tokyo:

Wake-up and enjoy a quick in-room breakfast at Hoshinoya Tokyo – a contemporary ryokan in the heart of Tokyo.

Walk 28 minutes to Tokyo Great Cycling Tour office.

We’ll pick up a bike and ride 10 minutes along the Sumida river and stop for an insta from the Chuo-ohashi Bridge.

Chuo-ohashi Bridge

We’ll continue riding just another 5 minutes to Sumiyoshi Jinja, an old Shinto Shrine on Tsukuda-Jima, a former fisherman’s island.

Sumiyoshi Jinja

From there, we’ll ride another 10 minutes on to the Tsukiji Jogai outer market. This is where the crazy tuna auction used to take place, but is still apparently a stellar place for fresh seafood and veggies.

Tsukiji outer market

After grabbing a snack, continue riding 18 minutes across a number of bridges and Sim City-like landfill islands to Toyosu market, the new location for the crazy tuna auction (which takes place much earlier than I’m willing to be awake).

Toyosu market

Ride another 18 minutes to Odaiba Marine Park to check out a mini statue of liberty and eat a bento lunch.

Work off some calories with a 45 minute ride to the Zojoji (Buddhist) Temple and Tokyo Tower – an Eiffel Tower looking thing with observation decks if we’re in the mood for that.

Zojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower

Then we’ll ride another 15 minutes to the Imperial Palace.

Imperial Palace

Finally, ride 12 minutes to drop off the bikes and grab a quick beer.

Catch a 6 minute ride-share back to the hotel (which happens to be next door to a craft beer market) for a nap before dinner, which may or may not be a light in-room meal.

In summary:

  • Walking: 0.5 hours
  • Cycling: 2.25 hours
  • Eating: ryokan breakfast, bento lunch, anything else that strikes our fancy
  • Experiencing and exploring: cycling around Tokyo, a Shinto Shrine, a Buddhist Temple, an Imperial Palace, the old and new fish markets, a mini Statue of Liberty, and the second tallest structure in Japan

What do you think?!

Who’s been to Japan and has tips to share?!


One response to “Yet another perfect day in Japan”

  1. >Who’s been to Japan and has tips to share?!

    I live in Tokyo.
    Here are some ideas:


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