Fun Fluff 11

Do not become extinct

Hey y’all,

I missed posting on Wednesday because Andrew is working from home now which proves to be fairly distracting. And also because I was busy cancelling our wedding celebration. And also because I was helping to figure out how to get a Finnish high school student home. And also because we hosted a virtual St. Patrick’s Day party. And also because I’ve been distracted planning a honeymoon that we probably won’t get to take, but it’s a welcome distraction, none the less. More to come on that soon.

But I’m here now, on this lovely 81F (27C) first day of spring. The air is filled with green allergens, but it’s still lovely so I’ve been working on the front porch for most of the day. Two other porches on my block also had people working on them for most of the day, which is impressive given that there are only five inhabited houses with porches on the block.

I also went for a run today and saw this clever guy:

Do not become extinct

This Covid-19 mortality reality check is intense.

As is this highly researched prediction of what the next 18 months could look like.

Also, did you see these little dudes wandering around the aquarium in Chicago?

Let me know if you’d like to join a virtual party sometime because we’ll definitely host more. You can even use one of these virtual backgrounds from West Elm that’ll make you look like a fancy person. Or we could have a Netflix movie watching party but be warned, I will probably get bored and either fall asleep or walk away to do something else.

Stay safe and sane and feel free to share more happy videos.


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