Fun Fluff 8


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When I first heard that Redfin was launching a luxury real estate service, I though I was gonna have to start paying to drool over the billion dollar homes for sale. Thankfully I misunderstood. They’re actually just offering additional optional (luxury) services when they are hired to help people sell their homes. Half of these services are print materials, which seems weird to me since I’m pretty sure most people find properties to buy online.

I am SO EXCITED for John and Sherri of Young House Love. They’re moving to Florida! I’m not saying I want to move to Florida but I do love the idea of being somewhere that’s warm year round, super walkable, and near water.

My top pick would be somewhere in Italy, even somewhere not super near water. There are a ton of towns offering houses for 1€ although I’m currently intrigued by this town that’s offering to help cover your rent so you can try before you buy.

But if I can’t move to Italy, maybe just a free round the world trip? Some smarty-pants from MIT created a new flight search engine called Escape and are offering $10,000 if you can put together the cheapest round-the-world itinerary. Don’t waste your time though, I’m gonna win.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Ha! Good luck with the contest!

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