Since We’ve Moved In

Hey y’all!

Things moved quickly after we got the certificate of occupancy. But not much worth describing in detail. We put things in boxes and then in trucks and compact cars and then in the house with the help of some wonderful friends and family. And then we’ve been working on figuring out where everything belongs and what else we need.

We will be getting a delivery with a few pieces of furniture as well as some window treatments this coming week. The above window treatments compliment our decor perfectly but….

Yard work has also been taking up a lot of time. The yard is full of tree stumps that are big enough to trip over but small enough that you don’t always notice them. The root systems are quite extensive. Six inch stumps are attached to six feet worth of roots.

Aside from these stumps and trees growing right up against the fence, there aren’t actually any trees in our yard. However, the neighbors on either side have yards full of these weed trees that are providing our yard way more shade that we would like so we’ve also been trimming the low branches of these as well.

The goal for this year is just to keep the yard and weeds under control so that we can think about landscaping next year.

And lastly, we’ve had some fun with utilities and city services. Mail delivery has actually been awesome. One day the USPS even attempted to hide a package. Can you spot it?

Time Warner cable ran their cable from the house across our walkway and through the fence at about waist height. Super helpful. After it goes through the fence, it runs along the ground through the neighbors front yard and then eventually up a tree and across to a utility pole. We were originally hopeful that they planned to bury the line but that never happened. We’ve reported it, but they have yet to fix it.

Trash pickup has also been an adventure. In theory, trash and yard waste gets picked up every Friday, and recycling gets picked up every second Friday. In reality, we’ve had to contact the city every week because they’ve missed picking up one item or the other.

That’s all for now. Maybe some pretty pictures next week.


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