The floors have arrived!

Hey hey

I know you’ve been holding your breath to hear what’s going on with the house lately so here’s what you’ve missed.

The kitchen cabinets from Ikea got delivered.

Flat pack kitchen
Flat pack kitchen

We discovered that one of the holes in the roof still hadn’t been patched.

Leaky roof?

More work has been done on tiling the bathrooms. Sorry these pictures are especially not amazing because not only do we have no lights and it’s pretty dark out by the time I can get to the house after work, but the bathrooms don’t have any windows so all the light is from my phone.

The exterior is getting paint. Although the non-stop rain is really slowing down this process.

And our hardwoods got delivered and are being installed.

Hard wood laid though most of the main room
Hard wood laid though most of the main room
Some of the more noticeable "patina"
Some of the more noticeable “patina”

I am really loving these floors and can’t wait to see how they look once they’re finished.

And the last bit of news is that the renovation was supposed to be complete by February 21st (our mortgage agreement allowed 6 months for the renovation). However, the floors are being installed now, then they need to be finished, then the kitchen cabinets need to be installed, then the counter-top installers need to do final measurements before cutting the counter-tops. I feel like I’m forgetting something, but regardless, this can’t all be done in the next week so we asked for an extension and it was instantly given to us. Phew.

Did I manage to use active voice once in this entire post?




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