Fireplace Help

Hey y’all,

It’s cold out there so you’re probably already thinking about fireplaces, right?


Because we’re having a hard time trying to design ours.

The only thing we kept from the original interior of the house were these fireplace surrounds. They’re not as luxurious as I’m accustomed to, but they’re not held together by termites, so we’d like to use at least one of them because history.

Historic original back room fireplace
Historic original back room fireplace
Historic original front room fireplace
Historic original front room fireplace

We’ve also figured out that the fireplace is going in the front corner of the living room through process of eliminating all other options. It will be a gas fireplace and will either be direct vent or vent-less (yes, that’s legal here). So there’s no actual chimney or structure around the fireplace. Here are a few inspo pics from the internet that we’ve found and are trying to use to help us come up with a design.

This one just looks like a movable piece of furniture, temporarily shoved in the corner.
With the tile, this fireplace goes wall to wall, and the “mantle” is just a shelf directly above the fireplace with nothing protruding into the room. Can’t decide if I like that. It also looks “empty” but I’m not sure if that’s just because it is and would look better with something on the mantle?
No, there will not be a TV (or is that a computer monitor?) on the mantle. Permanent Halloween decorations will be considered. This one looks a little more like it belongs there though – is it because of the brick?
I can’t decide if having the elevated hearth makes it look more like it fits there?
This is definitely the look that I like the most. It has an entire wall framed around the fireplace so that it’s no longer technically a corner, but that seems like such a waste of space. Unless we store guns behind the enclosed wall.

So what do y’all think? What can we do to make good use of the space, but make our fireplace looks like it belongs even though there’s no chimney attached to it? Should we keep the corner as is above the fireplace and maybe add in some shelves? Should we frame the corner so that it’s no longer a corner? Should we try to use the old fireplace surrounds or thank them for their 132 years of service and then sell them on Craigslist because they no longer spark joy? Should we create a raised hearth or just leave the fireplace at ground level? Should we have a hearth at all? Help.


6 responses to “Fireplace Help”

  1. A neighbor got a guy to cut a section of reclaimed timber and mounted it as a floating mantle. It looks AWESOME. The wood came from that wood transfer place by the fairgrounds. You know, off the railroad tracks with that little tiny house. Across from dorton arena. Charged him a hundred bucks for this unique, old, beautiful piece of wood that is now their mantle. Old man, didn’t get what the purpose was but sold him the piece

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    1. If we can’t figure out how to use the old surround, a giant block or reclaimed wood is definitely in the running as a mantle. I don’t think I know the place you’re referring to but will definitely run by that way and check it out. Thanks.


  2. I would really try to use one of the old mantles if possible . You could get the look of your favourite one by adding tile to one of the historic ones. Can’t the fireplace go on the centre of the wall instead of a corner? Corner fireplaces take up a lot of room and IMO it’s harder to arrange furniture around them. If you do have a choice, check out room layouts just to have an idea of your options. A hearth, or at least tile in front of a fireplace makes them look more real.


    1. Unfortunately with window placement, we’re pretty stuck with having it in a corner, right beside a corner, right beside the front door, or below the TV, which I don’t want.


  3. What if you put moulding, like either the kind you’re gonna use for crown moulding or the floor kind, but up the sides? That way it looks more defined and intentional.


  4. Ooh, I like that idea. I think we ultimately decided on creating a half wall at the 45 degree angle around the fireplace. There will also be a stone surround and a hearth that is level with the rest of the floor.


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