Plumbing and Electrical

Hey y’all,

The electrician started first thing on Monday and appears to have gotten most of his work done by Tuesday. And plumbing work was also done this week so it felt like another fast moving week. Here’s what things look like now.

Plumbing for the washing machine
Plumbing for the washing machine

The washer and dryer will be stacked and located in the master closet so clothes can be put away as they are pulled out of the dryer.


There’s a bathtub! That’s really the only interior decor feature that is in the house so far. It’s just a super simple soaking tub that will also have a shower for the guest bathroom.

Breaker box
Breaker box

The breaker box is in the hallway; I’m thinking we should keep the wires exposed. Aren’t they pretty?

The kitchen is an L-shape with an island and it has four recessed lights placed in an L-shape between the cabinets and island. There are also three pendant light fixtures above the island. The walls above the counter-tops have plenty of outlets for blenders, pressure-cookers, etc.

Light switches
Light switches

Deciding what light switches to put where was a ridiculously overwhelming process that makes me feel pretty materialistic almost makes me feel like we should have fewer light fixtures and fans. But stagnant air and inadequate light would make me sad so never mind.

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