Vandalism, part 1

Let’s see.

Last weekend and Monday, they did a fair bit more work on filling in the skirt wall around the crawlspace.

Skirt wall around crawl space
Skirt wall around crawl space of the downtown luxury slum

And then Monday evening, the neighborhood watch (neighbor Andy) got more action. Apparently, the head mason went to the house to check on things and then some other guy – seemingly a guy that had dome some work for him – showed up. There was an argument over what sounded like $20 and then the head mason left, with the argument apparently unresolved. The guy left behind was adequately upset that he smashed up an entire section of the cinder block skirt wall before being chased off by the neighborhood watch.

Smashed in cinder blocks
Smashed in cinder blocks

Tuesday morning, Andrew met with the contractor and the HUD consultant at the downtown luxury slum. The time had finally come for the contractor to ask to be paid. For that to happen, Andrew had to agree that the work was to our liking and the HUD consultant had to inspect it to ensure that it had been done correctly. Everything went well so the consultant sent off a request to the mortgage company to draw some money to pay the contractor. A check will be sent to us in the next couple of days that we’ll have to endorse before giving it to the contractor. We have planned for four more draws by the time the renovation is complete.

The only other noticeable changes this week were framing the roof and ceiling on the back half of the downtown luxury slum. So the amount of natural light is decreasing but I think it’s still pretty good. My fancy camera lost the only picture I took of the ceiling frame so you’ll have to imagine it. The ceiling height will be just above the height of that cross beam.

We also got some flooring samples in the mail.

Hardwood floor samples from Whole Log Lumber
Hardwood floor samples from Whole Log Lumber

I have been dreaming of wood floors with beat up old wide planks like the ones on right. But as you might be able to see, they come with quite a bit of texture, cracks, nail holes, etc that would make it easy for dust and dirt (and glitter) to gather. For those of you that know me, do you think it would drive me insane?

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