Drive By Landscaping

So we closed on the downtown luxury slum today. Apparently nobody sent the seller a meeting reminder so he was in Maine, but it seems to have all worked out either way. The demolition process should be starting on Monday.

I got the electricity set up, though I couldn’t do it online and had to call Duke Energy to do it since there has been no electricity to the house for a year. I tried to get the water started too, but I apparently have to print out a form to fill in by hand and send it in. Might be time to create an online form and join the 21st century, City of Raleigh.

Earlier this week was a little interesting. It seems that Bowman Landscape Services came by and dug up a couple shrubs and planted about 10 new ones surrounded by a ridiculous amount of mulch. We have no idea why they did this. And the reason you don’t see the shrubs in the picture is that they came and dug them back up the next day, leaving a ton of mulch and a bunch of empty holes. I’ve been trying to contact them to get some sort of explanation for this, but my calls keep going to voicemail and don’t get returned.



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