Love At First Sight

toilet in living room

A good friend had been looking for a fixer-upper for a while, found one that he was interested in, contacted his realtor, and asked us if we’d like to go see it with him.

Of course!

It was love at first sight.

Two days later we returned to the house with a couple contractors to get a quick estimate as to what it would cost to make the house livable again. Their numbers were a little higher than we had hoped, but workable.

So the next day we put in an offer. We offered much less than the seller was asking for and did not really think our offer would be considered. We were told there were two other offers and surely they were professional house flippers making an-all cash offer.

Much to our surprise, the seller came back to us with a counter offer. We countered again, and then he countered again. And we accepted.

We have until June 14th to do all of our research (due diligence).

And we close on July 7th.


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