Mulberry House Exterior Reveal

The exterior of the Mulberry House had a few things that absolutely NEEDED to be done so we focused on getting those done before our tenants moved in. Curb appeal updates will have to wait until phase two of the renovation.

A Physician’s Guide to Sanitation – Part 2

An old house is apt to be damp and out of repair. The back yard should be kept neat and sightly, and should not be made a dumping-ground for rubbish and litter of all sorts. A good veranda is equivalent to another living-room. Every dwelling should have a cellar to contain the heating-apparatus, store fuel, and for comfort's sake.

Luxury Yard Renovation, Phase Three

The moment you've all been waiting for.... Phase Three of our luxury yard renovation. This is the final planned phase and involves special permitting as a result of the Downtown Luxury Slum being a historic property.

Luxury Yard Renovation, Phase One

We have been doubling the size of the Downtown Luxury Slum by living outdoors for much of this pandemic so I thought it might be a good time to share how we got our yard from unlivable to luxury outdoor living.

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