A Physician’s Guide to Marriage

Many persons marry at too young an age. This is especially true among the laboring classes, where marriage often takes place between very young people, to their own detriment as well as to that of their children. The ages at which marriage is lawful in the various countries and states might well be set at... Continue Reading →

Pickled Red Onions

A shocking development in the condiment world - onions that don't taste icky and go well with pretty much everything. Read on for the latest in onion science.

Fun Fluff 21

Basic thoughts on the state of downtown Raleigh, moving to Belize, feeling safe at home, paper animal lanterns, cooling magic, a documentary and some podcast recommendations.

A day trip to Wilson, NC

I couldn't take not being able to travel for one more day. We took a day trip to Wilson, NC so I've got a recommended itinerary to share with you. There is one indoor activity that you could skip for covid-19 prevention but everything else is outdoors and socially distant.

Oregano Feta Pesto

Are you ready for another condiment recipe? This one is technically a pesto but works great as a raw veggie dip. Also great for using up excessive garden oregano, if you happen to have that problem.

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