Mulberry House Exterior Reveal

The exterior of the Mulberry House had a few things that absolutely NEEDED to be done so we focused on getting those done before our tenants moved in. Curb appeal updates will have to wait until phase two of the renovation.

A Physician’s Guide to Sanitation – Part 3

Formerly all drains and soil-pipes, and most plumbing-fixtures, were boxed in so as to be inaccessible, thus affording spaces to harbor vermin and foster decay and damp. Now exposed plumbing is the rule, while wooden wash-tubs, tin-lined baths, and iron slop-sinks have been superseded by porcelain or enameled-iron fixtures which are clean and sweet. A model tenement house of the present time is more sanitary in this respect than the millionaire's mansion of twenty years ago.

Mulberry House Living Room Reveal

The living room at the Mulberry House is just a big ol' rectangular room with one built-in shelving unit in the corner. It pretty much just needed some drywall repair, a ton of cleaning, caulking, painting, and a few replacement fixtures. But here's how it turned out, along with sources.

Fun Fluff

A quick summary of where I've been for the past couple months, TV and book recommendations, and a 2020 holiday craft idea.

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