Planning a Kitchen Garden

Square Foot Garden Plan

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In my post last year about Phase Two of our Luxury Yard Renovation, I shared the small raised bed garden that I had built and told you that I planned to add onto it this year. Well I’ve done just that.

Unfortunately a few of the boards I bought are a little too thick for some reason so I’m going to have to trim them down but for now, they’re sitting horizontally around the back box. But they do give you a bit of an idea of what it will all look like when it’s complete, since my plan is to add horizontal boards on top around the entire perimeter to be used as bench seating.

Each of the boxes is four feet by four feet so I put together a garden plan that is perfect for an indecisive person who can’t decide what to grow.

I included some information about what I’d be planting in other parts of the yard so here’s a quick snap shot of some of those areas to refresh your memory.

The Trespassing Garden
Some planters
Front walk and more planters

Along with the plan, I broke down when I needed to plant what.

I missed starting some of the seeds on schedule so I have the option of either just starting them a little later, or buying seedlings from the farmers market or getting them from friends.

And I also have a longer document with notes to remember about each type of plant.

This document includes tips about companion planting, spacing, timing, supports, pest management, fertilization, and more. This document is actually what I used to come up with the layout and schedule in the first place.

I’m going to have to figure out some sort of irrigation system since keeping up with the watering by hand was a little much last year and I have even more space this year, so that’ll be another project in the next week or two.

Are you planting a garden this year?

3 responses to “Planning a Kitchen Garden”

  1. You could probably plant your lettuces and cabbage family seeds directly into you garden. I’d try planting the potatoes now too. Just try a few this year, you can always plant more later if the first ones don’t grow. I don’t have much success transplanting zucchini, so try planting outdoors after danger of frost is passed.

  2. Maybe I’ll experiment with doing some seeds indoors and some directly in the garden. And I guess it doesn’t hurt to try some potatoes now too. Or after tomorrow, since we’re apparently planning on hail and tornadoes and such.

  3. […] time for a few updates on our Luxury Yard Renovation. First, when I mentioned expanding and planting my garden a couple months ago, I also mentioned that I was hoping to add some sort of irrigation system to […]

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