Neighborhood Update

Hey y’all

I feel like I don’t have a lot to show for the week. I actually just took the final exam for my real estate pre-licensing class. I got 87% which I’m pretty happy with since I couldn’t work up the energy to properly study for it. Hopefully testing centers will open at some point so I can take the actual licensing exam and maybe I’ll be more motivated to study for that since it’s rumored to be extremely difficult. And then I’ll be provisionally licensed as a real estate broker. Woo.

Since I promised I’d have something to share with you this week, how about some recent pictures from around the neighborhood? And how about if they aren’t tagged or titled or in any way organized or labeled?

There was also a food truck that set up shop on the corner of our block about a week ago, but they’re gone now and I never got a picture. According to their Instagram page, they “are Temporarily closed due to renovations !!! We will be back open shortly BIGGER AND BETTER !!!!” So we’ll see.


One response to “Neighborhood Update”

  1. “You can’t quarantine love.” Haha! I bet there will be a baby boom in 9 months!


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